Thursday, October 09, 2008

Solid Foods for baby

hurmm... lately aku tengok Aira selalu sumbat jari dia dlam mulut...
hisap jari tu mmg biasa la.. tapi kekadang sampai 2 2 tangan dia buh dlm mulut dia..
pagi tadi.. sambil aku besiap nk p opis.. sambil makan roti ..
skali tengok Aira tgh tengok aku... tenganga jek mulut dia..
mesti dlm hati dia.. sedapnya mama makan . ..
haihhh... kesian plak aku tengok..

mlm semalam my old fren dr sek ren (nearly 14 years tak jumpa) datang beraya.. dia pun ada baby boy, nama Fawwaz Hakim - lebey kurang sebaya(muda seminggu jerk dr Aira).. kitorang cite2 la pasal baby memasing.. baby dia.. still xleh menerap.. so die mcm risau.. tp baby die keras.. siap leh bediri tegak lagi.. thats y i told her.. lain baby lain development nyer....
Aira kekadang bediri cam lembik2 lagi.. mak aku ckp.. maybe sbb dia girl.. girl kan lomah lembut..and some more dia tak minum susu ibu.. =(
and dia sah start bg baby dia makan since Fawwaz umo 3 bulan lebih.. hurmm.. aku pun dah start bg Aira nestum 2-3 minggu lepas.. tp sometimes die punya t*hi tu macam keras dan kekadang mcm cair sgt.. kekadang elok jee.. kompius aku nak proceed bg nestum ke x?
atau nestum mana yang sesuai.. nestum beras tu ke? nestum beras + susu ke? atau ada makanan lain lagi yang lebih sesuai..

aku dengan gigiihnya buat research pasal makanan baby nih..

[credit to:]

"How much will your 4 month - 6 month old baby eat at his first meal?
You will probably only manage to have baby eat 1/2 of the tablespoon sized portion the very first times you begin solids. Don't fret if your baby does not "finish" a meal. Remember this is a new experience for your baby! As your baby becomes accustomed to eating solids, you will gradually increase the portion sizes. Remember, breast milk and/or infant formula are providing for the total nutrition of your baby at this stage! Read our
How Much Food Should My Baby Eat page for more information.
Many parents find their babies will push the food out of their mouths on the first few tries. This is normal however it may also indicate that your baby is not yet
ready for solid foods. Only you know your baby and will be able to decide if baby is truly ready for solids. "

Read our Solid Food Chart for the 4 - 6 month old baby below:

The AAP recommends that an infant not be started on solid foods until after 6 months of age.
Many pediatricians still start babies on solids around 4 months of age.
This chart accommodates all ages and stages up to 12 months.

Four to Six (4-6) Months old
Try mixing together the foods that you have already introduced without allergies or reactions. Rice Cereal mixed with Bananas for example.



Sweet Potatoes
Acorn/Butternut Squash
Green Beans


so Aira? ready for solid foods? mari kite cube yekk...


Aku Bukan Bidadari said...

ohh..cepat aira dh makan solid food.. ok ke dh tanya advise paed??

my baby ayra pun suka isap2 jari..

Elyn said...

haah la wafiq pun ske isap jari.... camne nk tau dierang dh ready ek???

eiNa said...

tu la.. esok baru nk tanye paed... tapi mlm2 dia kerap bangun susu.. sejam sekali kekadang.. tu yng nk bg solid food tu..

org tua ckp baby2 kalau suka isap jari.. baby tu cerdik dan tak menyusahkan orang..

aida said...

hi.. me tak sabar nak bagi my lil emma solid food! but i'm gonna wait until she is 6mo for that.. she is exclusively on breastmilk diet now :)

eiNa said...

skang saye just campur 2scoope nestum kedalam susu Aira.. 2 hari monitor so far, Alhamdulillah... beyak cam biasa...


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