Thursday, November 20, 2008

i wonder how.. i wonder why..

Yesterday you told me 'bout the blue blue sky
And all that i can see is just a yellow lemon-tree
I'm turning my head up and down
I'm turning turning turning turning turning around
And all that i can see is just another lemon-tree.....

no mood to blogging about wonderful things.. about happiness...
just starting to worry.. a bit worry.. and scary also.. why?
because of the global issues , economy crisis..
am i affected? yes i am..
because i work in US company..
this year not so affected .. but next year.. sureness...
its not only in US company, now it come to Asia also.. even Japan feel it now.. S'pore... most of IT people who work in spore now start applying job in msia back..
even for e*s, d#l, #p, and so on... n outsourcing company also affected..
banking industry also... last few days ctbank retrenched 53000 ppl around the world.. ctbank is 1 of the largest bank as well... hurmmm... means all industries will kena tempias...

People say it happens in a 10-year-cycle, whether you are just a fresh graduate or a senior manager, having the chance to go through what the company is going through now is a life experience to learn and grow.
last 10 year.. i was in form 5.. took SPM.. n still remember that my school had to cancel 1 of seminar during school holiday because of no fund!! n now.. after 10 year.. i have to go through it as a worker.. as an employee...

"We hope it will not happen but looking at the other countries, this is already happening. We have to be prepared to address it," Human Resource Minister Datuk S. Subramaniam said today. read more


Aku Bukan Bidadari said...

insyallah my dear, rezeki tuhan dimana-mana..yakin ok.. Allah maha pemurah..

mzrh said...

seriously eina. kite pun risau gak. like my MD said "we are somewhat now in a situation where we are in the middle of a typhoon. either we escape it, or we die. pray. and pray hard"

doa everything will be alrite, shall we...

eiNa said...

tiara: aminn.. tq bg semangat!!

mzrh: kan?haihh.. ni nak jadi chegu balik..huhuu (tetiba jek...)

DarkWan said...


tak tersangka aku membaca tulisan ini saudari yg menulisnya.

tulis pasal ekonomi.
global crisis.

*masih dlm mode menggosok2 mata*

anyway, my litte advice, for you and ESPECIALLY FOR MYSELF.

Perketatkan "pertahanan" anda. bila benteng "pertahanan" kukuh, tumpukan pada "serangan".

> job
pertahanan: work ethic, value, contribution, etc
serangan: mintak keje laen

> money
pertahanan: jgn membazir (cash/credit card/etc)
serangan: cari extra income. menjahit manik ke, jual tupperware ke

zaman2 camni, jgn fikir standard x standard dah. piker mcm org org kutip tin dlm tong sampah tu piker. kalau malu, lapar.


eiNa said...

hurmm.. ape ko inggat aku ni suke merepek je laa ekk? bwekk...

apepun tq 4 ur advice.. =D


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